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For a long time, cruise ships were the domain of grannies and widows, but now they’ve become cool with a younger crowd. You won’t find a cruise more chilled than Crystal Cruises’ route from Alaska, across the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, to Greenland, then down to New York.

While more-travelled cruise routes feature hours and hours of mundane features like endless ocean and darkness, the Northwest Passage constantly hugs the coastline in the land of the midnight sun. Gobsmacking landscapes are constantly on offer – glaciers, towering fjords and wildlife that goes far beyond the odd bird or jumping fish. The relaxed schedule allows for unplanned “expedition days” for rare wildlife sightings of polar bears, narwhals, musk oxen and caribou, or adventures ranging from  Zodiac landings, kayaking in protected bays, to trekking the tundra.

Before you think ‘Titanic’, know that the Serenity is experienced in operating in some of the world’s most extreme locations (e.g. Antarctica) and it travels with an escort vessel that carries adventure equipment such as a platform for wilderness landings, a helicopter and more.

Crystal is rolling back the days of travel by ship when it was all about authentic adventure, new discoveries and interaction with remote communities – but all with premium spirits and fine dining, of course.

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