The Solar Egg

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Despite looking like a set from a sci-fi blockbuster, the Solar Egg is in fact very real. When Swedish art duo Bigert & Bergström were commissioned to design and build a giant sculptural chamber in the form of an egg, they were only too happy to oblige. The Solar Egg is in fact a sauna, but while it does for Swedish stereotypes what Guinness does for the Irish, it has far more honourable intentions at heart.

The Egg is intended to form a creative hub for its home in Kiruna, a mining town whose produce is vital for future survival and an important source of income for Sweden. Kiruna has been forced to move in order to extract more of the iron seam that cuts beneath the town, which has caused no end of problems for its inhabitants.

As a social sculpture where townsfolk can meet to discuss these challenges, Solar Egg is a haven of warmth and quite literally reflection, with exterior golden mirror sheeting housing a more traditional pine-decked interior. It’s one of a number of art projects B&B has completed over the years, many of which are oriented around a focus on climate and sustainability. Art-lover or not, you certainly can’t dispute that they know how to make an impact.

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