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Those futurism experts at Hanna-Barbera (The Jetsons) assured us we’d all have our own flying cars by 2062, so shouldn’t we be well on the way by now? The people at Terrafugia certainly think so.

The Transition® is a ‘street-legal’ airplane that converts between flying and driving modes in under a minute. It is legal to drive on public roads and highways in the USA and it is the only light aircraft designed to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Imagine – there’s a 400-mile trip to be made, so you can halve the travelling time by ditching the roads and flying at a cruising speed of 100mph (160km/h). Weather too bad to fly? The wings will fold in and you can hit the highway with something comfortably smaller than a Ford F250 – and much better mileage (35mpg or 6.7L/100km).

The Transition runs on standard premium unleaded fuel and uses the same engine to fly and drive. There’s room for two and cargo hold for golf clubs and carry-on bags. This is no toy – it has a flying range of 410 miles (660km) plus 30 minutes fuel reserve.

A refundable US$10,000 will reserve you a place in production – the anticipated base purchase price is $279,000.

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