The Vintage Messenger Bag

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The modern “man bag” is often dissed, but unless you just crawled out of a cave or wear a serial killer’s overcoat in all seasons, you’ll need something to carry your reading, writing implements and other various communication tools. The problem is that a lot of carry-alls for guys end up looking much like a college chick’s backpack-purse and even many messenger bags simply appear as awkward and nerdy as a joystick collector.

The Vintage Messenger Bag by Whipping Post looks like something that’s survived a few rounds of war correspondence with Hemingway and delivered historically significant letters the last outposts of the frontier. It’s a tribute to antique postal satchels, with a few modern twists – a suede-lined laptop compartment (for 13” and 15” laptops), adjustable padded strap, lanyard for keys/USB stick and a back newspaper pouch. Tough?

My money says that it will probably outlast you. $265

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