Toyota iRoad

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It seems like barely a day goes past without a car manufacturer telling us about the “future of motoring”. But perhaps the true future could be less about expensive rides and fancy gadgets and more about convenience and economy.

Imagine being able to grab a vehicle from any of a number of conveniently placed car ports, drive it to your destination then hop out and go about your business – no more frustrating insurance premiums, increasing petrol prices, dubious repair costs and MOTs. This is one of the strengths of the Toyota i-Road – something we can genuinely see being fairly commonplace on roads in the not too distant future.

It’s kind of a car/bike hybrid so wouldn’t do for a family outing or long distances with its 45kmph capped top speed, but for solo travellers on short journeys it fits the bill perfectly. Easy to drive, highly manoeuvrable and of course very easy to park, the i-ROAD will take you up to around 50km before begging for juice. It also sounds kinda fun to drive, with wheels that move up and down independently so it leans into corners when turning – the experience is described as “just like skiing”, and of course with zero CO2 emissions there are some serious environmental benefits compared to wheeling out the SUV for a quick trip to the shops.

Take a look at what could be a very real glimpse into the future:

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