Tree Snake House

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If Robin Hood were alive today we have a feeling he’d be giving far less of the money stolen from the rich to the poor and far more of it perfecting the interiors of his Tree Snake House. This rather unusual arboreal project based in Pedras Salgadas in Portugal looks perfect for a band of merry men and was designed as a poke in the eye to traditional modular construction by architects Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade.

Native raw materials, slate and wood were used to create a design that blends into the forest itself, rather like the creature from which the inspiration arose. The twisty, turny interior is home to a series of studio “apartments” each with a bathroom and kitchen, and the whole complex puts an emphasis on sustainability with reinforced insulation, heating, water reuse and solar panelling along with low-consumption LED for lighting.

The creators envisage a high demand for this sort of thing and are already planning a mountain, river and sand snake house for various other terrains, with the core design intentionally built to be flexible enough to be adapted easily for different environments.

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