Treehouse Chocolate

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If you’re unfortunate enough to know a bona fide chocolate connoisseur you’ll also know that no amount of off-the-counter Dairy Milk will be sufficient to satisfy their elitist cravings for top-class cocoa. Proper chocolate, they say, is created with all the care and attention of open-heart surgery and there’s absolutely no substitute for the real thing.

These people will probably be a big fan of a chap called Aaron Koch – an explorer cum chocolate fanatic who braved the frigid seas of the pirate-infested Oregon Coast and had his ship struck by lightning before stumbling across the cacao farms of Hawaii, where he wisely pledged to keep his feet on dry land and get busy refining his lifelong passion.

Harvesting premium organic cacao sustainably sourced from local farmers he created the Treehouse Chocolate company, and with it a range of flavours of luxury drinking chocolate infused with things like coconut milk, sea salt and coffee. At $15.00 for five packs it’s reassuringly expensive, and suitably popular going by how quickly it’s selling out.

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