A cup of chocolates from Twice The Vice.

Twice the Vice

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We recently brought your attention to Beercandy. But what do you do if your boozy tastes range towards strong, premium liquors? That’s when you reach for Twice the Vice, a line of chocolate truffles filled with premium tequila, scotch, bourbon, and more.

The 9-piece chocolate collection “Classic Cocktail” features “spirited chocolates” filled with White Russian, Mint Julep, or Margarita blends. It’ll set you back about $30, but it’s worth it. There’s also a slightly more expensive “Chick Drinks” collection you can give to you girlfriend, with Cosmo and Chocolate Martini flavors added into the mix.

These would be a great way to get your drink on, on the down low. Also useful for getting you out of the doghouse with the missus.

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