Ungoverned Powered Board

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We’ve looked at skateboards before on Fataldose – last time it was about manoeuvrability and precision, this time it’s about raw power. If skateboards were cars, the Ungoverned Powered Board would be a monster truck. It features two articulated tracks powered by an onboard motor with a four-stroke engine and is designed to traverse the sort of terrain that’d be far too ambitious for a piffling set of wheels.

Ungoverned is the brainchild of a guy called Dan Baldwin who has been perfecting his creation for years. It won’t surprise you to hear that his roots are in such activities as BMX stunting, snowboarding and skateboarding, and his ultimate aim is to build an electric powered unit he can take to market. Sadly the prototypes that are available are for his use only. Selfish.

So for not at least, you’ll have to settle for a video of this thing in action:

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