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For many people a regular intake of caffeine is as essential as the air we breathe, but despite being the “good guy” in a list of typical vices that might include drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, that innocent old cup of Joe isn’t without its own well-hidden health warnings.

Of course the manly thing to do when keeping these vices in check is to rely on a stream of constant nagging from various sources. Largely this will be covered by your wife or other half, but if you’re blissfully single, a parent, GP, concerned friends or neighbours are all willing and able to help.

Now you can add your smartphone to this list thanks to UP Coffee by Jawbone, currently available on the Apple AppStore. You’ll need an UP wrist band to use it properly, which is effectively a bit of rubber you wear when you’re in bed (not that bit of rubber), so unlike the aforementioned list of do-gooders it uses science to help you cut down. Reporting on how caffeine levels vary throughout the day and how long it’ll take for you to be “sleep ready, you can even create a Caffeine Persona and compete with other drinkers to see how wired you can get and read personalised, data-driven information on behavioural changes. Stick the kettle on.

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