Vertigo and Moon Bar

Vertigo and Moon Bar

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Bangkok has a few rooftop restaurants and bars, but it’s fair to say that from 61 floors up in the Banyan Tree Resort, the Vertigo and Moon bar looks down on all the others.

This is a true open-air rooftop venue – beware of throwing salt over your shoulder, as it could have lethal velocity by the time it hits street level. The views of Bangkok will take your breath away, while the city’s typical smells and smog won’t – you’re too high up. Be aware that the restaurant and bar employ a strict, but not unreasonable dress policy (see the website for details) to keep the riff-raff away, although it’s accepted that many tourists come up for one drink and a thousand photos.

The menu features barbecued seafood, prime steaks and gourmet European-style fare, while the bar boasts a range of sumptuous cocktails. The bar’s signature tipple is Vertigo Sunset – Malibu, a splash or cranberry juice, plenty of pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime. Be careful with them, if the floor rises up and hits you, it’s probably not the vertigo.

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