Victoria’s Secret Swim 2015: Slow. Sultry. Swim.

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If there is a heaven, and suddenly we’re inclined to believe that there is, it has to be something like this. The Victoria’s Secret Swim 2015: Slow Sultry Swim.

What more do I need to say? Quite a bit if you expect to get paid. Ed

Ok then. It’s a video to showcase the Victoria’s Secret Swim 2015 swimwear collection with the help of a series of supermodels – none of which we’ve heard of incidentally, but that could and should change very soon. One thing’s for sure, each and every one of these beauties knows all there is to know about selling swimwear. Hell, they could steal your wallet and sell if back to you and you’d just smile sweetly and thank them for their time.

But enough with the words – now’s the time to sit back, put a cushion on the desk so you don’t hurt your chin when your jaw drops like a lead weight and hit play. In the meantime we’re off to church; there’s some serious confessing to be done.

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