Vintage Arcade Skeeball2

Vintage Arcade Skeeball

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Forget consoles and games on your phone, there comes a time you have to kick it old school. Make your office the place for some riskee business or make your man-cave the hangout for some beery après skee with this classic arcade and carnival alley bowler.

The guys from Restoration Hardware have bowled us over with this classic skeeball rig – this is no cheap knock-off, it’s the real McCoy that’s been entertaining kids and distracting men since it was invented in Philadelphia in 1909. The Centennial Edition is true to the original Skee-Ball Alley, with its 1930s retro hand-finished oak exterior, flip-style scoring display and pull-handle activation lever. It’s big, it’s bold and it won’t wreck your eyesight like them new-fangled electronic games, plus the set comes with five balls – that’s one more than even Chuck Norris has.

Vintage Arcade Skeeball will set you back a lazy US$6995, but remember that skeeball has been unscientifically proven to minimise stress, plus it’s long been an important tool for anger therapists. Apparently. Think of this beauty as an important investment in your health.

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