Vipp Shelter

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Vipp is a classic Danish design brand that began with pedal bins, spread to home accessories, and then even launched their own kitchen. Now they’ve taken the next leap – their own pre-fabricated house fully equipped with all their own furnishings and gear, right down to the cutlery.

Think of the Shelter as a product – much like a yacht or a motorhome or private jet – rather than as a piece of architecture, since all the design and deco choices have already been made for you by Vipp’s head designer Morten Bo Jensen, right down to the smallest detail. Much like a pedal bin, you simply place an order over the internet and your Shelter is delivered. Installation takes place a couple days.

The concept of the 592 sq ft galvanized steel house is that it acts as a “tool” that opens the door to a natural escape – it serves as the upmarket log cabin in the woods or the remote beach or fishing shack. It contains a large kitchen with a dining and living area, a hall, separate bathroom and a bed loft space. It’s the clean, neat retreat for those who aren’t big on fuss but like their designer style.

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