Wall House

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For most retired couples having a (presumably) unruly child request that they want to move back home would involve shifting a few bits of furniture around and having the Dad begrudgingly clear out his “quiet room” to make room for a sofa bed.

Not so if you’re uber-rich though, as presumably this couple were when they built the Wall House, a two-storey abode that houses two separate volumes linked by a large central courtyard. There’s a communal ground floor area with a library and large dining space, but then each of the two “homes” has its own living room, dining room, kitchen and guest room. The upper levels, presumably reserved for the retirees, offer en-suites, a gym, additional living area and balconies with some pretty stunning views.

As you’ll see from the additional photos via the link above it looks like no expense has been spared on the interiors either, with striking designs and a stunningly effective mix of materials that looks strangely reminiscent of something you’d expect Tony Stark to kick back in after a hard day’s work fighting crime.

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