Whistler Public Bobsleigh

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Adrenaline junkies searching for something a little bit different to your bog-standard sky-dives and bungee jumps (*yawn*) should check out the Whistler Sliding Centre outside Vancouver in Canada. It offers a Bobsleigh ride experience for the public, where you’ll reach speeds of up to 120kph and experience forces of 4.5G as you bounce around the cabin like a grasshopper on steroids with the most important advice being to “hold tight”.

If this is still a bit tame for your overflowing adrenal gland there’s also a public Skeleton, which is like a bobsleigh but without the trappings of a sturdy metal tube to prevent your limbs from shattering to pieces as you crash against the sides. That, and you go head first.

Both cost $169+tax per person, which includes all the equipment and safety training required to ensure you don’t end up face down in a snowdrift. Though it’s now closed for the 2013/14 Winter season, the Summer 2014 schedule is coming soon.

Check out a video of the experience from the above link, where you’ll see bubbly presenter Stephanie Florian going strangely quiet during the ride, and looking rather green after.

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