White Album

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Digital cameras are still treading water amongst a swathe of increasingly capable smartphones but film cameras and Polaroids have now been pretty much consigned to the bottom of the pool.

Does anyone miss taking a photo and keeping fingers crossed that it comes out ok when you develop the film? WhiteAlbum thinks they do, and we have to admit to being immediately charmed by this intriguing idea for an app even though we’re not quite sure why. The concept is thus: you get to take 24 photos from your smartphone and have them developed and sent to your door, and the big twist is you don’t get to see them first.

Just like in the good old days you have to brush up on things like framing, lighting and exposure. There are no edits, filters or retakes – no longer can you snap away like a madman content in the knowledge that you can choose the best picture at your leisure. When 24 pictures are taken WhiteAlbum is notified and gets busy printing. It’s a crazy concept using technology to push us back in time, but it’s kinda novel and we’re all for it. We’re just not quite sure why.

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