William Shatner Rivet Motorcycle

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Despite looking like something you’d expect Golden Age Batman to ride around on there’s something distinctly futuristic about the Rivet Motorcycle – a rather bizarre but strangely attractive mix of steam punk and science fiction that you’d quite like to spend some time with even though you’re not sure why.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear it’s been designed by someone who arguably boasts the same elusive mix of qualities – a certain William Shatner, the original captain of the Starship Enterprise and a man who thankfully doesn’t look like he’s left his space-faring roots behind.

And this is an actual thing, having gone into limited production with a motorcycle company called American Wrench. There’s a whopping 500hp to play with through an intercooled V8 engine and it utilises a drive train similar to that found in a Cadillac CTS-V, though Shatner says it was actually inspired by bomber planes rather than Klingons. He’ll be riding it from Chicago to LA this summer, and would love to give you an insight into the construction if you have the time:

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