Williams-Sonoma Bacon Making Kit

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Where I come from ‘makin’ bacon’ means something a little different – and it’s nearly as pleasurable and satisfying as actually making your own bacon. The people at Williams-Sonoma are big on kitting us out to make stuff – butter, ricotta cheese, goat cheese, even gin – but now they’ve offered us the ultimate power: the power to make bacon.

This won’t be just any bacon, either. Sure, it will be your bacon, but it will also be free of all chemical preservatives, soy, high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, nitrites and nitrates – all the things that can make our body deeply regret its unhealthy lust for the sizzling rashers of sensual sumptuousness.

The kit includes only all-natural ingredients such as coconut sugar, cracked black pepper, and flaked sea salt in blend that will take you from curing to crispy strips of bacon fresh from the frypan in just one week. One $40 kit will make you five two-pound batches, or 10 lb total – by weird coincidence, that’s about the same weight as a fat baby, but much better smelling.

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