Winter Cocktails

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Mulled wine and Eggnog – two abominations of mixology that have a few things in common. Both are barely fit for human consumption, both have a curious affinity with the upper classes, and both are traditionally consumed in the winter. Often at Thanksgiving or Christmas in fact, when people are supposed to be having fun.

Fear not though, because even though Winter Cocktails by Maria del Mar Sacassa does have recipes for these drinks, it also has instructions for inevitably more palatable beverages. With over 50 to choose from ranging from hot toddies and punches to cold-weather cocktails that’ll “warm you right up”…

…ok wait, a Whiskey Sour may make you feel warmer but alcohol actually lowers one’s core body temperature, so do not whip this book out and start mixing if you’re caught off-piste in the Andes – we can’t stress this enough.

Seamlessly back on topic – there are also non-alcoholic drinks to try, and all have been carefully designed by an author who is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and has worked for all manner of big names in the fancy cuisine business (and McDonalds). I’ll have a whiskey on the rocks please, hold the ice.

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