Woolsey Shuffleboard Table

May 23 • Furniture • 789 Views • No Comments on Woolsey Shuffleboard Table

If you’re looking for something a little more irreverent to decorate your living quarters at your latest pompous soirée, looking no further than the Woolsey Shuffleboard Table – horse not included, though we’re sure Daddy could fetch one from the stables.

That’s not to say that everyone who enjoys a round of the 16th century puck-sliding game has no shortage of cash, but at a cool $14,000 a pop it would certainly help.

For your money expect a rift-sawn white-oak top, solid black walnut legs and fine details including walnut inlays, charcoal grey industrial felt and not one but two coats of UV-resistant epoxy resin to keep all of this finery in check. You also get four black and four white pucks with a magnetic wall mount, along with plenty of salt, which we can only assume will be to rub into your financial wounds.

Creators Sean Woolsey Studio claim that “No ponies or children were hurt in the making of these images”. Try telling that to the poor child that will not in fact be receiving a pony for their birthday, since the savings have already been spent on an elaborate table.

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